Friday, February 16, 2018

The Week, That Was - February 2018 Week 3

In five minutes or less, keep track of the most important news of the week, curated just for you. We present to you hand – picked news on latest industry perspectives and some general updates. Read on!

Smart Hotel Guest Rooms Are Almost Here

The smart guest room of the future is still in development. A strong return on investment for hotel owners who invest in updated technology, however, will help push these innovations into the mainstream.

Hotels admit steep reliance on online travel agencies

Hotels have a high dependency on online travel agencies to distribute their inventory, with almost every other channel deemed to be low on the same scale. The study spoke to chain hotels, independent properties and management companies.

Duetto closes $80m financing round

Duetto, headquartered in San Francisco and with offices in Las Vegas, Cleveland, London and Singapore, has quickly grown to serve more than 2,500 hotels and casinos in more than 60 countries. Those customers have consistently outperformed the market, beating their competition’s rate of revenue growth by more than 6.5% since the launch of the company.

Skyscanner chatbots pass one million unique traveller interactions

How big is your optimisation and testing team? How do you find a balance between design/customer-focus and optimising performance? Skyscanner's chatbots (across a range of platforms) have already surpassed one million traveller interactions.

Ex-Kuoni to transform Miki Travel

Miki Travel, a DMC majority owned by Japan’s H.I.S. Group, is undergoing transformation with three strategic pillars – technology, expansion and management

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Friday, February 9, 2018

The Week, That Was - February 2018 Week 2

In five minutes or less, keep track of the most important news of the week, curated just for you. We present to you hand – picked news on latest industry perspectives and some general updates. Read on!!

Fragmented distribution makes corporate hotel booking compliance a challenge

Travel managers want to control costs, ensure travellers’ safety and comfort, and obtaining data helps them to optimise programmes, pricing and policies. It’s important to understand why a traveller is booking out of policy – is it location, price or experience?

The Travel Agent of the Future

The Internet, said experts, would replace retail agencies as customers looked to big Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) to search and book their travel plans.

Three ways metasearch will empower hotels to compete in 2018

As the hotel-branded direct booking with metasearch channel becomes mainstream, our partner trivago lists out the upcoming trends for 2018.

Hospitality Poised for Growth in Bookings in 2018

Travel is becoming more experience-driven, and most hoteliers are concentrating innovation on the higher tiers, perhaps at the detriment of the midscale segment. “If there is one segment that should capture the attention of hotel developers in 2018, it is midscale hotels,” according to the outlook. “Forward-thinking hotel brands are already taking advantage of the opportunity to deliver travelers some of the look, feel and experience of a pricy lifestyle hotel in an affordable package.

Hotels—Not OTAs—Own the Data That Makes the Difference

Hotels should aim to lead the market and proactively take share. The way to do that is to wield a hotel’s historical performance, customer data from the CRM, and actual on-property spending from folio data in the hotel’s pricing strategy. Most importantly, hotels should set their rates for the maximum profit and gauge how their pricing—not their competitors’—affects the properties’ demand.

Google updates UX to make flight and hotel bookings easier on mobile

This week, Google is rolling out improvements to its mobile experience for its flights, hotels, and discovery products. The company, which has long made for anxious hand-wringing with its travel products, has made navigating on mobile much more straightforward. From searching through reviews to exploring hotel room categories to the actual bookings, the next iteration is a tighter, more integrated experience.
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Thursday, February 8, 2018

eRevMax completes 2-way integration with Consolid Argentina

The hotel connectivity solution expert, eRevMax has completed 2-way integration with Consolid Argentina, an alliance of travel agents and tour operators in Latin America. Hotels using RateTiger and RTConnect distribution solutions can now leverage the seamless interface to publish rate and availabilities to over 15000 travel agents and receive reservations generated in real-time.

Consolid Argentina is a part of Consolid Travel, the biggest tourism sales and distribution network in Latin America. Formed by 16 leading travel management companies in the continent, the company is present in 15 countries. 

"We are delighted to work in partnership with eRevMax and its excellent product Rate Tiger , as it  will allow us to offer the broadest availability of hotels in Latin America at the best possible competitive rates, which matches exactly our commitment for the market," said Joaquin Navasal, General Manager, Consolid Travel. 

“This integration will allow our customer hotels to add inventories to the biggest B2B channel in Latin America and improve their booking potential. We have been continuously working towards building diversified channel portfolio to help the industry match supply with relevant demand in a timely manner,” said Ashis Saha, SVP – Project Management, eRevMax.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

RateTiger highlights Spanish Online Travel Trends

Hotel connectivity leader RateTiger, in partnership with BEONPRICE and Live OS published an Infographic titled ‘La Liga Hospitality’ at FITUR in Madrid - highlighting the Spanish online travel performance. In a year that was marked with political agitations and external disturbances, Spain still received over 80 million international visitors in 2017 - retaining its position as the most visited country by EU residents. 

Interestingly, 6 out of every 10 international bookings in Spain come from 5 European countries, namely – UK, France, Germany, Italy and Netherlands. Spaniards continue to travel with 65% of their population taking a personal trip in 2017. When it comes to hotel booking, they clearly prefer OTAs – with over 48% of all travel bookings being made in OTAs – the highest in Europe.

Data from the infographic show that while Catalan region still remains one of the most visited tourist places in the country, the region has been struggling to get its momentum back following the political unrest. This has an impact on the overall tourism forecast for Spanish hotel industry with ADR growth in 2018 for four key cities – Barcelona, Madrid, Canarias and Mallorca showing a dip compared to last year. 

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Thursday, January 25, 2018

The Week, That Was - January 2018- Week 4

In five minutes or less, keep track of the most important news of the week, curated just for you. We present to you hand – picked news on latest industry perspectives and some general updates. Read on!!

Cyberattacks on Hotels - What Should Hotel Owners and Operators Do?

Protecting guests’ information (and employees’ information) from hackers is one of the biggest business challenges faced by hotel owners today. Data breaches can result in loss of reputation and loss of revenue, and can trigger costly lawsuits and government investigations.

OTAs serve up even bigger trouble for Asia-Pacific hotels

Online travel agents have captured a huge portion of the online hotel market in Asia-Pacific — phocuswright puts it at a massive 70 per cent — and a new report lays bare the impact on hotels.

The state of Hotel Central Reservations Systems (CRS)

Today’s travelers have high expectations of a personalized e-commerce experience along their journey, which makes guest-centric functionalities a top priority for a hotel chain’s central reservations system (CRS). As a result, the hoteliers’ demand for innovative and improved CRS services continues to grow.

8 traits every successful Revenue Manager needs

Have you ever wondered what it takes to become a successful Revenue Manager? The Revenue Manager has a key role in getting guests through the doors during periods of high and low demand. This article will uncover the 8 traits every successful Revenue Manager needs to do the job!

Why Expedia or Priceline Might Just Be the Next Great Hotel Brand

As online travel agencies decide whether to become more like hotel companies, whether by providing some of the hotel brands’ services directly to hotel owners or actually owning hotel assets, their counterparts — the hotel brands — are wondering how they might become more like online travel agencies, in some ways.

How to optimize hotel website images and why you should

Many search engine optimization industry experts have made the connection between optimizing images and improved Organic Search performance. Updating Title Tags, Alt Tags and Image Filenames are a few of the recommendations to best optimize images on a website for better search engine rankings and performance.

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Friday, January 19, 2018

The Week, That Was - January 2018- Week 3

In five minutes or less, keep track of the most important news of the week, curated just for you. We present to you hand – picked news on latest industry partnerships, perspectives, and some general updates. Read on!!

How the Composition of RevPAR Growth Impacts Changes in Profits

The strong relationship between changes in RevPAR and changes in GOP becomes evident when analyzing data from the 2017 Trends report. From 2015 to 2016, the entire sample of 3,331 operating statements averaged a RevPAR increase of 2.6 percent, while GOP for the sample grew by 3.7 percent. However, when stratifying the sample by the magnitude of RevPAR change, we see a linear relationship between RevPAR change and GOP change.

Expedia looks at US traveler trends across Boomers

Expedia has shared the results of a multi-generational travel study, conducted in partnership with The Center for Generational Kinetics which explores the consumer behavior and travel preferences of American adults from Generation Z (18-22) to Baby Boomers (55-56). Expedia surveyed 1,254 US respondents aged 18-65.

How to leverage user-generated content for metasearch

The world of digital marketing is always evolving as travel brands try to keep up with consumer needs and the growing demand for transparency and authenticity. One strategy that’s growing in popularity amongst suppliers is leveraging user-generated content (UGC), such as photos and tweets that are shared publicly by customers across various social media sites.

Expedia and TripAdvisor win consumer hearts and minds online and offline
Data and analytics platform Engagement Labs has released its latest TotalSocial rankings of the top-performing online travel agency  and travel search brands in the US, showing Expedia and TripAdvisor at the lead. The report evaluates brand reputation for each travel site by measuring social conversations over the past six months, compared to a previous ranking published in June 2017.

Data trends in 2017: TripAdvisor pivot, Costco’s rise and what they mean for the travel industry

The digital travel ecosystem is constantly evolving. Key players come and go, and market trends often shift to the unexpected placing of an added emphasis on the need to stay ahead of the curve. 2017 was no different as the year saw the emergence of exciting new players and shifts in the OTA market. There are two specific events had ramifications that are likely to continue to have a considerable impact on the sector in 2018.

What Investors Want to See From TripAdvisor in 2018

With its library of 500 million reviews and an average of 390 million monthly visitors, TripAdvisor (NASDAQ:TRIP) bills itself as the world's largest travel community. Over the past few years, however, these prized assets haven't translated into the kind of growth investors seek. As a result, TripAdvisor's stock has dramatically underperformed fellow online travel companies Priceline (NASDAQ:PCLN) and Expedia (NASDAQ:EXPE), falling by roughly 53% since the beginning of 2015. Here's a rundown of what investors will be looking for this year as TripAdvisor attempts to get its groove back.

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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

RateTiger showcases its Spanish connection

The Spanish travel segment witnessed a bit of instability in the last quarter of 2017 as a result of external events. It is in unpredicted times that people rely on each other even more, to create an ecosystem around them and feel secure and connected. This is when companies like RateTiger, known for its product stability and top service standards, prove to be ideal partners.

The Expedia EPIC Award for Technology, as well as Innovative Supplier certification from Agoda endorses RateTiger’s continuous focus on managing channel connectivity for maximum uptime as well as offering latest product innovation for hotels.

RateTiger is also a partner of choice for leading hotels globally. Maite Aguilar, Vice-President Distribution Sales, NH Hotels commented, “NH Hotels is a dynamic company that focuses on providing the best of hospitality while targeting for revenue growth in all markets. RateTiger is a great connectivity partner helping us to implement new channels to expand our visibility to new source markets. Their level of service and support is incredible as they continue to innovate and offer new enhancements to boost online revenue and profitability.”

“The objective of RateTiger is to provide hotels with seamless booking experience and wider market reach, and the results speak for themselves as we achieved reservation growth of over 30% during 2017,” said Yoram Ben-Zvi, COO, eRevMax.

RateTiger has been operating in Spain for over 16 years delivering millions of reservations to its hotel customers. In 2017, RateTiger integrated new PMS partners in the territory such as Newhotel, Noray, AciGrup, EngiSoft, Indra, Millenium-Soft and Tesipro in addition to various others that are already connected. The connectivity leader also focused on maintaining close ties with Booking Engine providers like Paraty, Mirai and Roiback as well as integrating with leading Spanish RMS provider BEONPRICE.

RateTiger works closely with multiple demand partners and the latest addition is Amadeus LinkHotel that provides multi-GDS services to distribute hotel inventory and content to the world's global distribution systems.  

Hotel chains like NH Hotels, Acta Hotels, Palafox, Macia, Evenia, Ilunion, H10 Hotels, Intur, Marina D’Or and City Hotels continue to put their trust in RateTiger connectivity ecosystem that offers a full distribution spectrum: OTAs, GDS, Metasearch, Niche channels, Wholesalers and Offline Tour Operators. 

RateTiger will be present at FITUR and will host an evening of ‘Cocktails & Conversation’ in Madrid on 17th January 2018 along with AMADEUS, BEONPRICE and LIVEOS. To get your exclusive invite, register now –